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We are a team made of restaurant owners, technology gurus, and insightful investors...We are ordinary food and people lovers. We had experiences of being travelers not able to find the food we want. We also had experiences of travelers asking our restaurant owner if he could custom cook certain dishes that he couldn't possibly prepare and cook in a restaurant setup. And I am sure you all agree with us that we are sometimes tired of the familiar "restaurant flavor" with lots of oil, salt... More importantly we share the same vision and belief that food "of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth" and shall be shared among the people.

Same day (even same hour) quick order feature and reservation pre-order feature!

Easy switch between host mode and guest mode, just like Airbnb!

Search and book private cooks


Receive quick response from cooks


Get food of your choice, at place of your choice

Awesome Features

So we came up with the idea of having our talented yet fun private cooks like you and me, who traditionally only cook for themselves and their families, come out and show off their cooking skills, friendliness and fun to us all, when we are traveling and wanting to eat hometown food, or tired of cooking for ourselves or going to a restaurant for the same taste (yuck). Sometimes we simply want to try something that we've never tried before in our life, i.e. eat in a stranger's house! After all, we need to eat every day, and we are all people and food lovers!

For Users (Guests):
User friendly App
Flexible reservation/dining options
Convenient search feature
Toggle between map view and list view of chefs around
Secluded dining environment with friends and/or family only
Homemade food prepared and cooked by private cooks to your budget and taste
Easy toggle between host and guest mode
Ability for guests to make reservations up to 60 days
Ability for guests to write reviews on their experiences with hosts
For Cooks (Hosts):
Weekly payout distribution to hosts through PayPal
Comprehensive Admin for hosts to manage reservations and guests
User-friendly Interface for hosts to mass update availability and cuisines info

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After all we have to eat every day, and we are all people and food lovers!

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